Virtual Retreat

Online Group Yoga Classes

Unable to make it to a yoga class?  

Practice yoga anywhere with live online yoga classes!

What is Online


Getting to the yoga studio isn't always the most convenient for you with your busy life.

Therefore, live, online yoga classes are an excellent way to incorporate self-care into your busy life.

Less stress, more convenience & ease, it's a win-win!

Benefits of Virtual Yoga

Location Independence

Practice anywhere with an internet connection whether  in the comfort of your home, office, or while traveling

Nurturing Community

One of the most important aspects of group yoga practice is that it fosters community--working together to better ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually is both powerful and transformative. 

Cost Savings

Online group classes are a smaller investment than

private sessions. A sliding scale is offered so that everyone can benefit from yoga; pay what you can afford!

Sliding Scale: $25--------$10 

What do I need for class?

A Yoga Mat

A web-cam, working audio & built-in


Bottle of Water

A free Zoom account

A Good Internet


Any yoga props that may support your practice

Why Practice Yoga? 

With regular and consistent yoga practice, you'll experience numerous physical and emotional benefits: increased flexibility, mobility, and strength; a greater ability to adapt to stress, and an increased sense of mental clarity and ease. 

Why limit your practice to a yoga studio?

Get personalized instruction in a supportive small group setting - live online - wherever you are!

Class Descriptions

Strength & Stillness
In the first 45 minutes of this class, you will be guided through a powerful and invigorating vinyasa flow with the ultimate intention of preparing the mind and body for guided-meditation. Historically, the ancient yogis practiced asana (the physical postures) for this exact purpose. Throughout this class you will play with the concepts of strength and stillness. While you’re moving through a series of energizing warrior poses, can you find a sense of stillness within yourself? Seated in meditation, can you find the strength to overcome your inner obstacles? The challenge is yours!
Restorative Yoga
Part of living a healthy life is taking time out of our day to allow the mind and body to relax and renew. This is the premise of restorative yoga. In this class, you will be guided through several postures in which the body will be fully supported by props. Theses supported postures will allow the nervous system to move from activation to relaxation. In this state of relaxation, the mind and body can begin to heal from the stresses of daily life. Join us for some quality R&R! 
Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is a passive form of practice in which various seated and supine postures will be held for three to five minutes. The focus of this practice is gaining greater mobility in the areas of the pelvis, sacrum, and spine. Throughout this practice, you will learn to find a balance between playing your 'edge' and resting in a space of stillness.
Yoga Nidra
Come experience a profoundly deep and restoring rest! 
Join Steven on a transformative journey into the yogic deep relaxation practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, meaning Yogic Sleep is a powerful method of guided-meditation that induces complete relaxation of the mind and body. Many individuals who have experienced this practice may notice that they feel more rested after a single session of yoga nidra than after ordinary sleep. 

Class Payment

As noted above, these online yoga classes are being offered on a sliding scale in an effort to make this practice available to all. Please choose the payment that matches what you are sincerely able to afford. Each class can be paid for at the link below. Upon clicking the link, please enter the amount you would like to give. Your payment will count as your class 'sign-in;' similar to what would happen at a studio. 
Sliding scale: $25--------------$10