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Are you looking to truly get out of pain & gain practical tools to stay active & injury-free? 

Steven Inghram, M.S., C-IATYT, Will be your partner & coach in helping you create a uniquely

personalized self-care toolbox through utilizing the techniques of Yoga Therapy,

Reiki, and other mind-body therapies. 


As a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Reiki Master, and current naturopathic medical student, Steven's ultimate goal is always for you to feel abundantly healthy in both Body & mind. 


A combination of ancient Eastern practices coupled with modern science will be used

to get your health back on track. Practices like yoga postures, breath practices, mindfulness

 meditation, and deep-relaxation will all be customized to create your own self-care plan.


The truth is, You've probably already tried conventional treatments and are looking to explore A 

 more holistic & sustainable approach to keeping yourself active &  healthy for many years to come. 

Steven Looks forward to guiding you through this journey!

Our Name & Philosophy

Healing Sun 

Just as the sun moves from above to nourish the earth, we too must continually rise & shine

to nourish our most healthy, active, & pain-free life. 

movement science

Body moving well + Energy Moving Well + Mind Moving well 


These 3 tenants make-up the core philosophy of Healing Sun Movement Science.


body moving well means you must have precise tools to address your habitual movement

patterns that are causing dysfunction. This is the key to staying active for years to come!

Energy Moving Well Means you must learn to breathe well. Once established in a deeper and smoother breath pattern, you begin to live in the flow. The fact is, breathe is life.

Mind Moving Well Means we must learn appropriate tools to work with the mind, rather than against it. When we make this shift, it not only has a profound affect on our mindset but on our relationship with ourselves & Others and on our entire human physiology.

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Unlimited Access To First-Class Personalized Self-Care


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Private Yoga Therapy


Private Reiki

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Group Yoga Classes


Dharma Classes 

Why Choose Steven 

Steven is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) & is one of about 10 men in the united states with a master of science in yoga therapy; he also comes along with all of the knowledge he is gaining as a current naturopathic medical student. 


Steven practices as a Concierge yoga therapist and is at your service for one flat fee. This means you'll have unlimited access to him via phone, e-mail, text, and video-conference with no follow-up fees within the designated time frame.


This concierge model allows for us to create a true on-going partnership as we work toward building a completely customized &  evolving plan that is unique to You and your needs.


Ultimately, Steven's greatest priority is on helping you stay out of pain so you can keep moving & Enjoy Life!