Dwelling In Love, Free From Labels; I'll Meet You There.

Please…take a moment to ponder this.

One morning, as I sat in meditation, this phrase kept coming into my experience and I felt in my heart the need to share it with you.

I’d like to start by looking into the word, “Love.” Don’t you find it interesting that in the English language we only have one word to define the highest expression of the human experience?

In our modern society, the lines between love and materialism have become quite blurred. We as a culture use the term so loosely, saying things such as:

“I love your shirt.”

“I love your new haircut.”

“I see that you got a new phone, don’t you love it?”

In terms of relationships, here’s the kicker:

“I like when you do______, but I would love it more if you did_______.”

With all of these blurred lines, I ask, “What is love?” What I am pointing to is this: love in modern society is attached to our material possessions or it’s based on the idea that we can change the behavior of others in order to benefit ourselves.

True love of self and others does not have conditions attached to it; it is infinitely unconditional.

So, where does “free from labels” come in?

Plain and simple: labels create conditions, too. I am this, and you are that. Or, “My lifestyle is better than your lifestyle.”

Even more so than creating conditions, it creates separation-- the idea that you and I are different.

As a culture, we our obsessed with labels.


Because as living beings, we seek community, we seek to find people “like us”. You may be thinking, “Well, what is he saying? Is he saying that community is bad?” No, of course I’m not saying that. In fact, what I’m suggesting is that there is something more powerful than community as we see it today.

How so?

Unconditional love tears down the boundaries between each and every one of us. Living in this place of boundless love, kindness, compassion, peace, and joy, there are no conditions, we are all united.

I’ll meet you there.

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