Facing Our Inner Perfectionist


For many in the 21st Century perfection is the ultimate goal.

We see billboards and magazines with models that are photo-shopped to have the "perfect" bodies.

We see the posts of our friends and family on Facebook and think, "Wow, what a perfect life they have," even though deep down inside we know that Facebook is everyone's highlight reel.

In this environment, it's hard to get away from the seemingly impossible standards of our culture.

I have strived for years to attain this ultimate goal of perfection which only created stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

I've learned to cope with this over the years but only as of recent have I been able to actually address my inner perfectionist inside.

With a little bit of yoga, a little bit of life's craziness, and a little bit of graduate school all mixed together this has been the perfect combination for me to really dig deep and figure out why this lead me to such panic in the past.

This is going to sound super cliche and for those of you who know me personally, you know I hate sounding cliche.

Here it is....

It's not about being pefect.

My mantra in graduate school has been, "It's not about being perfect; it's about getting the job done."

My point is when we strive for perfection, or get caught-up in the cloud of perfection, we lose site of all of the little life lessons that are being presented to us along the way.

These little life lessons are speaking deeper truths to us, it's just a matter of us clearing away some clutter and expectations so that we can hear clearly.

One of the lessons that I'm learning is to trust my inner truth. As I started this graduate program, my inner truth was a deeply held desire to be a healing presence in the world. What I am learning is that this inner truth goes far beyond the grade that I recieve in a graduate class.

This is my advice to you...

Return to your inner truth.

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