Gentle, Therapeutic Touch

Reiki is a Japanese touch-based practice that is both gentle and deeply therapeutic. More specifically, Reiki refers to a universal energy that pervades all of life. Every culture has a word to describe this energy. In the Yoga tradition it is described as Prana, in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Taoist tradition it is described as Chi, in Japanese it is Ki, in Naturopathic Medicine it is referred to as the Vital Force, and modern science refers to it as the Biofield


This universal energy is often intangible and inexplicable; however, the truth is, we talk about this energy frequently in our day-to-day lives. You walk into a room randomly and you just feel that there's a weird vibe, little did you know that there was just an argument but you can feel it even though you didn't see or hear it happen. This also happens when you get a gut feeling about a person/situation or when you're on a date with someone and you feel like you really connect with them. Though this energy may be hard to describe with words, it can be felt.