Given the complexity of my co-occuring health conditions, I was seeking a therapy that would complement the work that I have been doing with my physical therapist and my daughter who is a yoga teacher suggested that I seek-out a yoga therapist which is when we found Steven online.


Initially, I was afraid that yoga therapy would not help me but have since discovered the impact yoga has had on my life both physically and emotionally. 


Over the past 6-months, I have gained many self-care tools that have helped address my individual concerns and health conditions. During our sessions together, I have gained greater mobility and balance which has given me more confidence and reduced my fear of falling.


I have also had a significant reduction in the pain that I experience daily.


Additionally, these yoga therapy sessions have given me a greater level of awareness both internally and externally--providing me a deeper awareness of how my body moves, how to breathe properly, and how to better cope with my emotions.


Having worked with Steven, I would highly recommend working with him for anyone who needs both physical and emotional support--he has proven to be a caring, kind, and empathic yoga therapist and it has been a blessing to have found him when we did!

Ann G., Retired Nurse

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Yoga Therapy is a powerful practice that is highly-individualized and focused on whole-person care. The premise for this model of care is that 'Intelligent practice can positively influence the direction of change in one's life which can lead to greater health and vitality (IAYT).'