Private Yoga Therapy

Yoga that's simple, practical, & tailored to your needs !

Working with me is for YOU if...'re truly looking for a holistic approach that takes into account the entirety of your experience: physically, mentally, 

emotionally, and spiritually. 

Additionally, if you would like to address discomfort associated with a certain diagnosis, treatment, or the loss of function as the result of a specific disease state or condition. 

You may be drawn to yoga therapy for one of two reasons:

  1. Due to benefiting from a previous yoga practice but now you want to address a specific health condition beyond what a generalized yoga class can offer. 

  2. You may have never done yoga previously but are seeking a safe and natural approach to achieving optimal health and well-being. 

Modern scientific evidence suggest that yoga therapy may be effective for a wide range of conditions including: muscular and joint pain, chronic pain, inflammatory and immune conditions, emotional balance, mood regulation, and neurological conditions to name a few. 

Give me some relief already!

If you're like many of my clients, you may reflect back on your past and wonder if you could experience the same sense of vitality that you once felt. 


You remember being able to move better, you had less pain, more mental clarity, and more balance overall. 


You may have experienced some pain but you bounced back rather easily.


Now, in this current phase of your life, you just want some relief from your stubborn pain.

You believe that experiencing less pain is possible and you've likely tried everything your physician has asked you to do but nothing has changed so you're wondering what more you can do. 


You need a personalized practice.

A nice deep breath; a moment of pause. 

A place to slow down. 

The fact is, creating an intentional space for self-care can and will help you achieve greater  health, well-being, and vitality. 

When you give yourself some space, some time to settle, some time to just be, things begin shifting in subtle yet profound ways; I have experienced this personally and I know the same can happen for you.

The key to this happening is getting the support you need. 

You've likely acknowledged that doing things your way isn't working, so it's time to get the support that you desire so that you can move 

toward achieving your health goals.

You can call me your personal self-care coach/advocate or yoga therapist, whatever your prefer. 

The point is, I will be here for you through it all; we will create a lasting therapeutic partnership.


In this therapeutic space, we will journey together into a place of wholeness, possibility, ease, and transformation!

How It Works...

I work privately with individuals' both in-person and/or online who are tired of maintaining the status-quo; they want to dig down deep and do the work necessary to transform their lives for the better.

A frequent metaphor among Buddhist practitioners is: No mud, no lotus.

In other words, experiencing the muck is part of flourishing.

As your personal yoga therapist, my ultimate goal for you is to feel better so you can not only live well but thrive! 

Now, you may be wondering...


"What's the difference between a yoga class and private yoga therapy?"


Great! I'm glad you asked...

As a yoga therapist, I use the same practices of yoga that a yoga teacher teaches but apply them in an individualized manner for a specific therapeutic purpose and to achieve a specific therapeutic result.


Public yoga classes are great for generalized health and well-being, though private yoga therapy sessions go much deeper and are completely tailored to your individual needs, goals, and intentions.


As a result of this personalized approach, you may experience the relief of symptoms, a higher level of daily functioning, and a greater sense of ease and well-being. 

In our sessions together, I may recommend mindful movement, breath practices, mindfulness practices, meditation, specific exercises for addressing areas of discomfort or imbalance, and various approaches to better work with the mind and emotions. 


Our work together will begin with a complimentary 30-minute pre-yoga therapy consultation. 


This pre-consultation will allow us to get to know each other and make sure that we are a good fit for one another. In this session, we will discuss your goals, review the client contract, answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and you will experience a brief private yoga practice. 

Following your pre-consultation...


...we will set up your first appointment where we will thoroughly review your medical history, presenting condition(s), and perform and array of assessments designed to pinpoint any physical, energetic, and emotional imbalances.

Follow-up sessions will consist of a combination of private yoga sessions and private yoga therapy sessions, each is 60-minutes--private yoga sessions are similar to a group yoga class and compliment the specific therapeutic work done

in your yoga therapy sessions.

In order to receive the maximum benefits of this practice and of our work together, you are  encouraged to create a space in your home that is free of distractions and practice with consistency, curiosity, and sincerity.

If you decide to work with me, you should know that...
 You will never hear me say...
  • ...that yoga is a cure-all
  • ...that you have to become vegan or vegetarian
  • ...that you need to be fit & flexible to practice yoga
  • ...that yoga is a religion
  • ...that yoga can replace modern medicine
You will hear me say...
  • ...that yoga is for everybody, regardless of gender, race, physical ability, etc 
  • ...that a little movement, breathing, and mindfulness can go a long way
  • ...that the scientific research of yoga is ever-evolving
  •  ...that yoga can be practiced both on the mat and off the mat

The Yoga Therapy Package Includes...

One 30-Minute Complimentary Pre-Yoga Therapy Consultation

One 90-Minute Yoga Therapy Assessment Session

Four 60-Minute Yoga Therapy Follow-Up Sessions

Five 60-Minute Private Yoga Sessions


Five Personalized Self-Care Plans 

Unlimited access to me via e-mail, text, phone, and video chat

Same-Day/Next-Day appointment scheduling

Thorough, no rush appointments

Coordination with other healthcare providers


House/Office Calls (Additional Travel Fee)

So...what's the value of working together?

As your personal yoga therapist, I am committed to teaching you the necessary self-care tools to reduce your stubborn pain and discomfort and help you achieve greater functionality and vitality; all while providing you with endless guidance and support. 

As one client stated...

"Steven's approach is about providing gentle guidance to help his clients learn a calm, caring approach; which, if the patient is sensitive to it, they will learn self-care practices that will support them for life." 

The benefits of our work together includes: 

1. Working in partnership toward your desired health goals

2. Being viewed holistically. This allows for a greater understanding of how your various physical and emotional experiences are contributing to your 

presenting condition/diagnoses. 

3. Following each yoga therapy session, you will receive a personalized self-care plan that outlines (with detailed instruction) how to implement these practice at home and in your daily life. 

4. A strong commitment to using the best available scientific research to inform the care you receive.

5. Providing an accepting, respectful, and non-judgmental space for you to learn, heal, and grow. 

Physical Benefits: 

Reduced pain/discomfort, increased mobility/flexibility, relief of symptoms, increased awareness of how your body moves, ability to breath fluidly/properly

Energetic & Emotional Benefits: 

Increased energy and vitality, greater awareness and connection to emotion and sensation and how to better approach the mind/emotions, increased sense of concentration and clarity, decreased stress/anxiety and a better ability to manage stress/anxiety.

Okay, Listen Up...

I get it, you've been experiencing pain and discomfort for quite some time now and you're not 100% confident that anything is going to change. 

I am here to challenge you and encourage you to step outside of the litany of thoughts that is holding you back. I've been there, I know how you're feeling. 

The amazing thing about consistent yoga practice is that once you get started, you'll look back and wonder, "Why didn't I get started sooner?"


So...are you ready to take that leap?






Click here and fill out the prospective yoga therapy client questionnaire so that I can learn more about you prior to your pre-consultation.


Watch your e-mail, I'll be in touch within 2-days to discuss next steps and to set up your Complimentary

Pre-YT Consultation.  


After the Pre-Consult, if you're ready to move forward, we'll set-up your 90-min assessment. Still have questions?

Email me directly.